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Why Choose Tailor-Made Job Management Software Instead of Standard Software?

October 28, 2020Field Service Software

You’re considering to start using job management software? Great! In this article, we’ll explain the pros and cons of both, tailor-made and standard job management software.

If you’re leading a field service company doing complex installation work (like solar, energy, HVAC), you know how hard it is to manage jobs efficiently without automating the process.

For a small team, Standard job management software is a cheap and quick solution for improving efficiency. But, because you can’t tailor standard software based on your process, automation doesn’t make sense either – yet it’s automation that would bring the long-term efficiency gains for a larger team (15+ technicians) in complex field service sectors.

However, if you choose a Tailor-Made job management software, you can first optimize your process, adapt the software accordingly, and then automate your entire job management!

With automated job management, you can cut paperwork time by 50% and reduce email noise - and handle 90% of installs without any phone calls, as JetCharge does after automating job management with Emvisage.

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What’s the difference?

Standard software provides you with a generic, pre-defined field service process, which you can adopt, and re-organize to your process accordingly. It’s a quick and cheap way to start managing jobs efficiently. However, because standard software doesn’t allow tailoring or automation, teams with complex field service processes cannot gain long-term efficiencies.

Tailor-Made job management software, on the other hand, can be tailored according to your process. Further, before setting up a Tailor-Made software, you can optimize your process based on best-practice guidelines because automation makes the most sense when the process is streamlined, of course!

With a fully tailored and automated workflow, you can increase your efficiency, service and profits.

Benefits of Tailor-Made

Why Choose Tailor-Made Software?

If you work in a field installation company with a team of more than 15 technicians and operate in complex field installation sectors, including solar, energy systems, HVAC, industrial installation work and so on, your main efficiency gains will come from process automation.


If you can automate your field service process for your team, your long-term working efficiency increases significantly, and you can cut down hassle due to reduced paperwork, emails, and phone calls. All jobs are now completed and properly documented, and your team can pass final audits without a problem. As a result, automation increases your operating profits in the long run.


However, automation makes sense only if you can adapt the job management software to your process. Tailor-Made software allows you to do just this. That’s why companies with large teams and complex processes prefer Tailor-Made over Standard software.


Automating a sub-optimal process doesn’t, however, bring your team full efficiency gains. So, before rushing into tailoring and automating a job management software, you should optimize your process to get the maximum long-term efficiency gains and squeeze every last dollar of profit out of your service!

So, with Tailor-Made job management software, such as Emvisage, you can follow a three-step approach to automation –

  1. Optimize your process
  2. Tailor job management software
  3. Automate

Tailor-Made VS. Standard Job Management Software 

This table shows you the seven primary reasons to choose a Tailor-Made job management software – if you run a large team of technicians in a complex field installation sector.

Emvisage - the Easiest Tailor-Made Job Management Software

Most tailor-made job management software requires heavy customization and extensive software development. Deployment can take months, it is costly, and all future amendments require a change request and more coding.

Emvisage is a no-code Tailor-Made Job Management software for service teams with 15+ technicians. Unlike the other tailor-made solutions, Emvisage is easy to tailor, without software development. It allows you a fast deployment. You can tailor Emvisage to adapt to your organization, not the other way around, and automate your job management workflow. During onboarding, Emvisage gives you best-practice guidelines and one-to-one support for further optimizing your process!

Are you ready to level up your field service business? Contact Emvisage, and let’s start by optimizing your process!

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