Why Choose Tailor-Made Job Management Software Instead of Standard Software?

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You’­re con­si­de­ring to start using job mana­ge­ment softwa­re? Great! In this article, we’ll explain the pros and cons of both, tai­lor-made and stan­dard job mana­ge­ment software.

If you’re lea­ding a field ser­vice com­pa­ny doing complex ins­tal­la­tion work (like solar, ener­gy, HVAC), you know how hard it is to mana­ge jobs efficient­ly wit­hout auto­ma­ting the process.

For a small team, Stan­dard job mana­ge­ment softwa­re is a cheap and quick solu­tion for impro­ving efficiency. But, because you can’t tai­lor stan­dard softwa­re based on your process, auto­ma­tion doesn’t make sen­se eit­her – yet it’s auto­ma­tion that would bring the long-term efficiency gains for a lar­ger team (15+ tech­nicians) in complex field ser­vice sectors.

Howe­ver, if you choo­se a Tai­lor-Made job mana­ge­ment softwa­re, you can first opti­mize your process, adapt the softwa­re accor­dingly, and then auto­ma­te your enti­re job management!

With auto­ma­ted job mana­ge­ment, you can cut paperwork time by 50% and reduce email noi­se - and hand­le 90% of ins­talls wit­hout any pho­ne calls, as JetC­har­ge does after auto­ma­ting job mana­ge­ment with Emvisage.

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What’s the difference?

Stan­dard softwa­re pro­vi­des you with a gene­ric, pre-defi­ned field ser­vice process, which you can adopt, and re-orga­nize to your process accor­dingly. It’s a quick and cheap way to start mana­ging jobs efficient­ly. Howe­ver, because stan­dard softwa­re doesn’t allow tai­lo­ring or auto­ma­tion, teams with complex field ser­vice proces­ses can­not gain long-term efficiencies.

Tai­lor-Made job mana­ge­ment softwa­re, on the other hand, can be tai­lo­red accor­ding to your process. Furt­her, befo­re set­ting up a Tai­lor-Made softwa­re, you can opti­mize your process based on best-prac­tice gui­de­li­nes because auto­ma­tion makes the most sen­se when the process is stream­li­ned, of course!

With a ful­ly tai­lo­red and auto­ma­ted workflow, you can inc­rea­se your efficiency, ser­vice and profits.

Benefits of Tailor-Made

Why Choo­se Tai­lor-Made Software?

If you work in a field ins­tal­la­tion com­pa­ny with a team of more than 15 tech­nicians and ope­ra­te in complex field ins­tal­la­tion sec­tors, inclu­ding solar, ener­gy sys­tems, HVAC, industrial ins­tal­la­tion work and so on, your main efficiency gains will come from process automation.


If you can auto­ma­te your field ser­vice process for your team, your long-term wor­king efficiency inc­rea­ses sig­ni­ficant­ly, and you can cut down hass­le due to reduced paperwork, emails, and pho­ne calls. All jobs are now comple­ted and pro­per­ly docu­men­ted, and your team can pass final audits wit­hout a problem. As a result, auto­ma­tion inc­rea­ses your ope­ra­ting pro­fits in the long run.


Howe­ver, auto­ma­tion makes sen­se only if you can adapt the job mana­ge­ment softwa­re to your process. Tai­lor-Made softwa­re allows you to do just this. That’s why com­pa­nies with lar­ge teams and complex proces­ses pre­fer Tai­lor-Made over Stan­dard software.


Auto­ma­ting a sub-opti­mal process doesn’t, howe­ver, bring your team full efficiency gains. So, befo­re rus­hing into tai­lo­ring and auto­ma­ting a job mana­ge­ment softwa­re, you should opti­mize your process to get the maxi­mum long-term efficiency gains and squ­eeze eve­ry last dol­lar of pro­fit out of your service!

So, with Tai­lor-Made job mana­ge­ment softwa­re, such as Emvi­sa­ge, you can fol­low a three-step approach to automation –

  1. Opti­mize your process
  2. Tai­lor job mana­ge­ment software
  3. Auto­ma­te

Tailor-Made VS. Standard Job Management Software 

This table shows you the seven pri­ma­ry rea­sons to choo­se a Tai­lor-Made job mana­ge­ment softwa­re – if you run a lar­ge team of tech­nicians in a complex field ins­tal­la­tion sector.

Tailoring/Process Adap­ta­tionNo Tai­lo­ringYes. You can Tai­lor all appropria­te steps.
Process Auto­ma­tionNoYes
Cus­to­miza­tion Limi­ted (typical­ly bran­ding elements)Full Com­mu­nica­tions, Bran­ding, Repor­ting, Safe­ty Documentation
Process Opti­miza­tion  NoYes. Best-prac­tice Gui­de + Per­so­nal Support
Setup Time1 Day5 Days
Imple­men­ta­tion Effort SmallMedium effort with quick pay-back through bet­ter efficiency
Efficiency GainLow. No automation.30-40% reduc­tion in back-office costs, 50% less time spent on paperwork > game-changing

Emvisage - the Easiest Tailor-Made Job Management Software

Most tai­lor-made job mana­ge­ment softwa­re requi­res hea­vy cus­to­miza­tion and exten­si­ve softwa­re deve­lop­ment. Deplo­y­ment can take months, it is cost­ly, and all futu­re amend­ments requi­re a chan­ge request and more coding.

Emvi­sa­ge is a no-code Tai­lor-Made Job Mana­ge­ment softwa­re for ser­vice teams with 15+ tech­nicians. Unli­ke the other tai­lor-made solu­tions, Emvi­sa­ge is easy to tai­lor, wit­hout softwa­re deve­lop­ment. It allows you a fast deplo­y­ment. You can tai­lor Emvi­sa­ge to adapt to your orga­niza­tion, not the other way around, and auto­ma­te your job mana­ge­ment workflow. During onboar­ding, Emvi­sa­ge gives you best-prac­tice gui­de­li­nes and one-to-one sup­port for furt­her opti­mizing your process!

Are you rea­dy to level up your field ser­vice busi­ness? Con­tact Emvi­sa­ge, and let’s start by opti­mizing your process!

Book a Demo – See the Bene­fits in 10 Minutes!

For organisations with highly complex field workflow