JetCharge: “Automation is the Number 1 Time & Money Saver For Us.”

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JetC­har­ge, Austra­lia’s lea­ding hardwa­re supplier and ins­tal­ler of elect­ric vehicle char­ging infra­struc­tu­re, is using Emvi­sa­ge Field Ser­vice Softwa­re for opti­mi­sing their workflows and get­ting the job done.

JetC­har­ge’s has complex workflows; infor­ma­tion to be cap­tu­red, steps to be fol­lowed and com­mu­nica­tions to send out - both inter­nal­ly and to cus­to­mers. Emvi­sa­ge puts eve­ryt­hing toget­her in one place, digi­ti­ses the paperwork and auto­ma­tes admin tasks.

We tal­ked to Nirav Tha­ker, pro­ject coor­di­na­tor at JetC­har­ge, about how Emvi­sa­ge has hel­ped them to posi­tion their field ser­vice busi­ness for growth.

How did they start?

“We usual­ly alloca­te jobs and then upda­te them with the rele­vant ins­tal­lers. For that, we need to have all the team mem­bers in the sys­tem and in one place.”

“The­re are weeks, in which we’ve got to comple­te 35+ jobs. Cal­ling the ins­tal­lers each time to book and con­firm the ins­tall appoint­ments wasn’t a fea­sible option.”

How Emvisage empowered JetCharge

“JetC­har­ge ins­tal­lers are using Emvi­sa­ge for eve­ryt­hing; they plan their who­le day with it. They get the noti­fica­tion on their mobi­le, click on the email link and go straight to the job in Emvisage.

The­re is the option to look at the job details befo­re­hand, see what kind of jobs they have and view pho­tos of pre­vious work done. Once the job is done, they can simply upload pho­tos and docu­ments and eve­ry­one can see the results.

“We don’t usual­ly need to track each indi­vi­dual field tech­nician for eve­ry job. If anyt­hing hap­pens wit­hin the war­ran­ty period, we‘ll just con­tact the team lead. They can look in Emvi­sa­ge and see what hap­pe­ned on the job.”

JetCharge’s results

“90% of ins­talls are hap­pe­ning wit­hout any pho­ne calls – eve­ryt­hing goes through auto­ma­ted emails and noti­fica­tions from Emvisage.”

“No more cha­sing of ins­tal­lers. We don’t have to con­tact the ins­tal­lers to see what they quo­ted and char­ged - we just log in to Emvi­sa­ge and see eve­ryt­hing at one glance - it’s the single source of truth for all.”

Auto­ma­tion also helps them with cont­rac­ting. The onboar­ding process of inters­ta­te cont­rac­tors has impro­ved drastically.

“Our goal has always been a single point of truth across the orga­ni­sa­tion and auto­ma­ted workflows. It’s been great to see Emvi­sa­ge con­for­ming to our needs. This kind of con­fi­gu­ra­tion and sup­port is hard to get with big players.”

Tim Was­hing­ton, CEO & Foun­der of JetCharge

For organisations with highly complex field workflow