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JetCharge: “Automation is the Number 1 Time & Money Saver For Us.”

JetCharge, Australia’s leading hardware supplier and installer of electric vehicle charging infrastructure, is using Emvisage Field Service Software for optimising their workflows and getting the job done.

JetCharge’s has complex workflows; information to be captured, steps to be followed and communications to send out - both internally and to customers. Emvisage puts everything together in one place, digitises the paperwork and automates admin tasks.

We talked to Nirav Thaker, project coordinator at JetCharge, about how Emvisage has helped them to position their field service business for growth.

How did they start?

“We usually allocate jobs and then update them with the relevant installers. For that, we need to have all the team members in the system and in one place.”

“There are weeks, in which we’ve got to complete 35+ jobs. Calling the installers each time to book and confirm the install appointments wasn’t a feasible option.”

How Emvisage empowered JetCharge

“JetCharge installers are using Emvisage for everything; they plan their whole day with it. They get the notification on their mobile, click on the email link and go straight to the job in Emvisage.

There is the option to look at the job details beforehand, see what kind of jobs they have and view photos of previous work done. Once the job is done, they can simply upload photos and documents and everyone can see the results.

“We don’t usually need to track each individual field technician for every job. If anything happens within the warranty period, we‘ll just contact the team lead. They can look in Emvisage and see what happened on the job.”

JetCharge’s results

“90% of installs are happening without any phone calls – everything goes through automated emails and notifications from Emvisage.”

“No more chasing of installers. We don’t have to contact the installers to see what they quoted and charged - we just log in to Emvisage and see everything at one glance - it’s the single source of truth for all.”

Automation also helps them with contracting. The onboarding process of interstate contractors has improved drastically.

“Our goal has always been a single point of truth across the organisation and automated workflows. It’s been great to see Emvisage conforming to our needs. This kind of configuration and support is hard to get with big players.”

Tim Washington, CEO & Founder of JetCharge

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