Automation is a game changer

When you auto­ma­te admin work, teams can work bet­ter, mis­ta­kes are less frequent and you can superc­har­ge your growth. Our tech­no­lo­gy makes this not just pos­sible, but pro­fi­table for even the most complex workflows. 

Access job information anywhere, anytime

Use Emvi­sa­ge on any device you want; com­pu­ters, tablets & smartp­ho­nes. Intui­ti­ve dash­boards allow you to view a sum­ma­ry of per­for­mance for key met­rics such as jobs comple­ted per month and cri­tical tasks. You’ve got all job upda­tes in one place. 

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Digitise paperwork with X-Smart forms

X-Smart forms let your field tech­nicians cap­tu­re pho­tos and all other impor­tant job infor­ma­tion right at the customer’s pre­mi­ses. Your field team doesn’t have to was­te time fil­ling out paperwork and your back office isn’t buried in emails, PDFs and printouts. 

See a full audit history of every field job 

From the first cus­to­mer con­tact, to the time the field work com­menced, and the final sign-off; with Emvi­sa­ge you’ve final­ly got full visi­bi­li­ty of all your field jobs. Emvi­sa­ge pro­vi­des con­fi­dence in res­pon­ding to cus­to­mers and is essen­tial in industries with high levels of regu­la­tion & compliance. 

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Automate notifications & customer communication

The auto-gene­ra­tion of docu­ments such as job checklists for your team, safe­ty papers and reports for your cus­to­mers is a huge time and money saver for your field business.

Auto­ma­tic noti­fica­tions, remin­ders and alerts ensu­re your team and your cus­to­mers are always up-to-date with the progress of any job at any given time.

Ensure quality with stage blocking & mandatory fields

Never for­get to fill out a man­da­to­ry field or form with our smart sta­ge bloc­king fea­tu­res. Emvi­sa­ge auto­ma­tical­ly blocks the abi­li­ty to progress the job until all the cri­tical tasks for the job are done.

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Collaborate with internal & external teams

Emvisage’s repor­ting sys­tem gives you a top down view of all the jobs, hel­ping you unders­tand whe­re you’re cur­rent­ly facing problems and how you can dri­ve bet­ter per­for­mance. Team work has never been easier with indi­vi­dual access per­mis­sions for subcont­rac­tors and teams.

More jobs, less hassle 

With Emvi­sa­ge, eve­ry­one in the
workflow can mana­ge
them­sel­ves. They get emails, they
have their queues. Accoun­ta­bi­li­ty
is clear for all and we don’t
have to mic­ro­ma­na­ge

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