PaveWA: “The customisation is the best! We didn’t have to change how we operate.”

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PaveWA is an Austra­lian civil cont­rac­tor execu­ting conc­re­te, paving, earthworks and asp­halt pro­jects for local govern­ment and uti­li­ty providers.

They’­re using Emvi­sa­ge Field Ser­vice Softwa­re for stream­li­ning their proces­ses, digi­ti­sing paperwork and auto­ma­ting admin tasks. 

We tal­ked to Mic­hael Wyse, Mana­ger at PaveWA, about how Emvi­sa­ge has hel­ped them set their field ser­vice busi­ness up for growth.

job management software emvisage
Mic­hael Wyse (right) from Pave WA

How did they start?

“The main struggle we’­ve had was sha­ring infor­ma­tion wit­hin the com­pa­ny. The problem was eve­ryw­he­re - on site and in the office.”

Mic­hael says they were using a blend of tools such as spreads­heets, emails, pho­ne calls, text mes­sa­ges, notice boards etc. to mana­ge their busi­ness. Howe­ver, infor­ma­tion wasn’t flowing.”

“Befo­re Emvi­sa­ge, my team mates would call me when they couldn’t read somet­hing on a piece of paper, or they nee­ded photos.”

“I was even loo­king for lost papers and cha­sing paperwork on Sundays!”.

How Emvisage empowered PaveWA

“I’m taking 30% fewer pho­ne calls because all the infor­ma­tion is sto­red in one place, acces­sible by eve­ry­one.

The­re is the option to look at the job details befo­re­hand, see what kind of jobs they have and view pho­tos of pre­vious work done. Once the job is done, they can simply upload pho­tos and docu­ments and eve­ry­one can see the results.

“The cus­to­mi­sa­tion is the best! We didn’t have to chan­ge how we ope­ra­te! The softwa­re just fol­lows our steps how we’ve always done them - but now, we’­re able to revi­sit all sta­ges at all times.”

They have digi­ti­sed their paperwork and workflow in Emvi­sa­ge and a good chunk of the admin that was bog­ging them down has been automated.

PaveWa’s results

“We can see the bene­fit – the guy who is doing the ins­pec­tion said a job that was taking him 20 minu­tes can now be done in 5.”

Effec­ti­ve­ly, they’­re saving 2,5 hours of manual work eve­ry single day - simply because all the infor­ma­tion is easi­ly acces­sible and sto­red in one place.

We were able to employ more staff because we’­re simply able to mana­ge big­ger workloads with Emvisage.

“Com­pa­red to how we used to do it,  it’s so much bet­ter now with Emvi­sa­ge. Clients are loving it - it just speeds eve­ryt­hing up. I can take an Ipad home and do my upda­tes with what the Emvi­sa­ge team has set up for us. From now on, its going to be smooth sailing.”

‘Mate, I am loving the softwa­re. It’s making my life so much easier. Some of our senior guys have no com­pu­ter skills and even they love Emvisage”

Emvisage - the Easiest Way to Tailor & Automate Job Management Software

Most tai­lor-made job mana­ge­ment softwa­re requi­res hea­vy cus­to­miza­tion and exten­si­ve softwa­re deve­lop­ment. Deplo­y­ment can take months, it is cost­ly, and all futu­re modi­fica­tions requi­re a chan­ge request and more coding.

Emvi­sa­ge is a no-code Tai­lor-Made Job Mana­ge­ment softwa­re for field ser­vice com­pa­nies ope­ra­ting in complex sec­tors such as ener­gy, solar, HVAC, and more. Unli­ke the other tai­lor-made solu­tions, Emvi­sa­ge pro­vi­des a drag-drop process buil­der. Tai­lo­ring can be done quickly wit­hout softwa­re deve­lop­ment. It allows you a fast deployment.

You can tai­lor Emvi­sa­ge to adapt to your orga­niza­tion, not the other way around, and auto­ma­te your enti­re job mana­ge­ment. During onboar­ding, Emvi­sa­ge gives you best-prac­tice gui­de­li­nes and one-to-one sup­port for opti­mizing your process!

Are you rea­dy to auto­ma­te your field ser­vice busi­ness? Con­tact Emvi­sa­ge, and let’s start by opti­mizing your process!

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