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Job Management Software: 3 Best Practices When Finishing a Field Job

What a feeling! Your team has successfully finished a field job, and everything seems to be in order. However, just because the actual installation is done, doesn’t mean that the job is completed.

Emvisage Field Workflow Software is the ideal system to help your technicians and back-office team provide a well-rounded experience to your customers.

In this article we’ve gathered 3 best practices when finishing a field job:

  1. Taking photos before & after the job
  2. Provide your back office team with key insights
  3. Make it easy for maintenance & follow-ups

Taking photos of the job site

In our previous article (Keeping your field service team safe: 4 best practices), we emphasised on the importance of taking photos before your technicians start the work. This is a good practice to ensure your business against financial liability and a loss in reputation.

Likewise, after the work on site has been completed, it’s essential that your technicians also take ‘after’ photos that show the completed work, along with any changes/deteriorations of e.g. previously outlined property damages.

Tipp: All photos that are uploaded into Emvisage Job Management Software are automatically tagged with the uploaders names and timestamped. This makes it really easy to retrace and contact the technicians that were at work.

For some regulatory compliance documentation, you might actually need photographic proof or a job completed. We’ve developed templating programs that fill out regulatory compliance word/pdf documents with minimal input from your technicians. Simply, it takes a customer’s details, along with the site details, compiles all of it and fills in regulatory compliance forms for each project site. This not only removes the risk of human error, but this practical automation feature also frees up time for your admin staff.

Provide your back office team with key insights

After taking photos and logging any potential issues, your technicians should call in with back-office staff to run through the project and brief them about any complications. 

Your technicians can use Emvisage to let your customers read through the terms of the contract and acknowledge the work done by signing off online. These signatures are named and timestamped and replaces the need to lug around the paperwork. 

Make it easy for maintenance & follow-ups

After a project has been completed, there might be a need to conduct maintenance periodically. 

With Emvisage, you’ll never lose information and the history of previous work on projects. When you store all your data online, there’s no need for physical storage and organization of paperwork. This will save your entire team significant time in the future, thus improving your business’ efficiency.

You started your business, because you were passionate about your work. You wanted to create something on your own and deliver value to people that need your services. You definitely didn’t want to be stuck in an office, and drowning in paperwork due to heavy regulations regarding audit trials. You shouldn’t be! 

If you want to set your field business up for growth, there’s only one solution to it: Emivsage Field Workflow Software - Request your personalised demo now!

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