How to work better with subcontractors - Free Webinar on 23rd of April 2020

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Join our 30-minu­te webi­nar on the 23rd of April, 5pm to learn how you and your team can work effec­ti­ve­ly with your out­sourced field tech­nicians. We’ll also show you how you can easi­ly mana­ge all your field jobs, teams and resources in Emvi­sa­ge Field Workflow Softwa­re.

In this webinar you’ll learn:

  1. How you get that gol­den circle of reliable subcont­rac­tors that want to work for you again and again
  2. How you can do fas­ter brie­fings and get bet­ter results with one simple process
  3. How you make it easy for out­sourced field tech­nicians to do high qua­li­ty work that your cus­to­mers will love.

Hiring independent contractors allows your business to

  • bene­fit from a broa­der ran­ge of skills (impor­tant for out-of-the-ordi­na­ry field jobs that requi­re special skills)
  • reach a comple­te­ly new geo­grap­hical loca­tion (a huge bene­fit for get­ting busi­ness in more remo­te areas)
  • save costs if you’re ope­ra­ting in a fluc­tua­ting industry (ins­tead of hire & fire)
  • Part of busi­ness stra­te­gy: Out­sourcing emplo­yees is much chea­per than hiring full-time employees.

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Your presenters

Cam Mil­nes, Foun­der & CEO of Emvi­sa­ge - Cam has been hel­ping field ser­vice busi­nes­ses to opti­mi­se workflows and get rid of paperwork since 2016. He’ll be lea­ding this webinar.

Tan­ja Törn­roos, CMO of Emvi­sa­ge - Tan­ja has been wor­king with small & medium-sized busi­nes­ses in various industries since 2013. She’ll make sure that the webi­nar runs smoothly.

At Emvi­sa­ge, we help busi­nes­ses hand­ling high­ly complex field work, such as solar & bat­te­ry ins­tal­lers, to opti­mi­se workflows, auto­ma­te job docu­ments and mana­ge in-house and out­sourced field tech­nicians. Inte­res­ted to hear how we can help your field ser­vice busi­ness save up to 40% of back-office costs? Request a per­so­nal demo today!

For organisations with highly complex field workflow