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How to improve efficiency and collaboration in your field service business

You, your technicians and your customers want the job done in the most efficient manner. If you run a field service business, it’s important to have a framework of processes in order to increase your business’ performance whilst ensuring the safety of your technicians. Their skillset forms the core of your operations; it’s crucial for you to ensure that they have a support system and systematic approach towards their projects.

Your field technicians are the core of your business

Before you commit to a project, you need to ensure that your technicians have the adequate skill, knowledge and tools to perform their jobs well. To prepare them for the projects of your business, you need to start from the roots when you hire them.

  • Whether you decide to hire an experienced technician with similar skill sets or a fresh apprentice, you must introduce the scope of their duties specifically and thoroughly.
  • Training will also give you an opportunity to observe and correct any nuances in their technical abilities. 
  • Ask your experienced technicians to show your new team members the most efficient way to conduct and undertake their duties. 
  • It is also beneficial that these new team members are eased into your company’s schedule, to be sure not to overload them with stress and workload initially to avoid burnout and mistakes. 
  • We’ve also noticed that new team members, who are assigned to shadow a mentor around their work practices, can perform their tasks better when they start independent technical work. 

Better collaboration with field service software

As they start on project work, you need to set up a concrete framework for them to work with. This is where Emvisage Field Service Software offers really practical features to ease your technicians’ job. We have consulted current clients of ours, including Tesla, AGL Energy and Jetcharge, along with other businesses within the field service industry. This is how they use Emvisage to empower their field technicians to get the job done in the best possible way.

Use automatic job notifications & information

It starts with the notification system in Emvisage. As a job is assigned to a technician, they’re notified with an email that will contain the brief details of the job. They can click the embedded links and it’ll take them into the software where they will have full access to the details of their projects. This is an incredibly helpful feature since your technicians must conduct their due diligence before they commence a job.

Ensure your field technicians’ safety by providing information in advance

The safety of your technicians is paramount, and they need to adequately mentally prepare before they commence any project. Especially in field services that have a separate inspection and installation phases, details from the inspection phase allow technicians to plan their project. Some possible characteristics to consider are for instance double storey houses (do you need an extendable ladder to access roof), near gas mains or piping, confined Spaces etc.

We believe that empowering technicians by giving them knowledge on their projects in advance will allow them to organise a ‘game plan’ to tackle their projects, whether that is through the undertaking of more equipment or running through their work process beforehand.

Transform the collaboration between your back-office and field team

The greatest benefit of consolidating all the information online is the flexibility it provides to your staff. Now, without the need for back-office staff to manually write emails or call to your technicians, it frees your team to focus on delivering the best possible customer service. Also, it will save them time, which in return will save you money.

But also, Emvisage elevates and prioritises every issue raised by technicians to back-office staff. It removes the mundane distribution of information and marks the interaction as a genuine problem that needs looking at, whether that takes the form of input from back-office staff or consultation with you, the business owner.

Switching field technicians? No problem!

Sometimes, your technicians might not be the first installers on site. A multi-stage or sizable commercial project might have 2 phases of installation, perhaps one for the East wing and another for the West Wing. In such scenarios, the “History section” allows your technicians to see the progress of a project in a listed format. This is especially essential if technicians are picking up a job from another colleague. The ability to track a colleague’s previous actions, along with any comments will reduce miscommunications and allow both parties to easily share information.

At Emvisage, we advocate that technicians should leverage all information about job sites before commencing projects to allow them to complete projects efficiently and safely.

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