Job Management Software For Solar Installers - How to Automate?

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The year 2020 is like­ly to set a new record in annual solar PV ins­tal­la­tions in Austra­lia – and it’s not going to end the­re. The solar power mar­ket in Austra­lia is expec­ted to grow 20% annual­ly until 2025. For field ser­vice com­pa­nies, solar pho­to­vol­taic (PV) will be a luc­ra­ti­ve sec­tor. Howe­ver, because of the complica­ted ins­tal­la­tion process, solar PV is a tough efficiency chal­len­ge, too.

This article explains how you can auto­ma­te job mana­ge­ment for solar PV ins­tal­la­tions to efficient­ly and pro­fi­tably meet the rapid­ly growing mar­ket demand!

What Drives Solar PV Market in Australia?

Australia’s solar power mar­ket is expec­ted to grow 20% annual­ly until 2025, accor­ding to Report­lin­ker research. The rapid mar­ket growth is fuel­led by decli­ning solar PV sys­tem prices, favo­rable govern­ment sche­mes for small-sca­le solar power gene­ra­tion, sup­por­ti­ve financial pac­ka­ges for solar PV ins­tal­lers, and upco­ming lar­ge-sca­le solar power pro­jects. Uti­li­ty-sca­le solar power deplo­y­ments are expec­ted to wit­ness the fas­test growth in the coming years. The glo­bal pan­de­mic dri­ves resi­den­tial ins­tal­la­tions as people stay home more and save in ener­gy bills via solar.

Solar PV Field Installations

Solar PV invol­ves a complex field ins­tal­la­tion process. The sys­tems con­sist of seve­ral equip­ment types to be inte­gra­ted (panels, bat­te­ries, switc­hes, trans­for­mers), complica­ted couplings and cabling, and dan­ge­rous sites, such as roof­tops. Due to the regu­la­tions, each site must be duly audited.

Because of solar PV complexi­ties, the high-growth mar­ket can turn out ris­ky for the field ser­vice com­pa­nies. A well-orga­nized team, efficient process, and skil­led tech­nicians can get you a long way. But, if your team starts to drop balls in a rush, miss out on pro­ject dead­li­nes, and fail the site audits, your costs will inc­rea­se, pro­fits decli­ne, and in the worst case, you can lose customers. 

Growth Mar­ket Challenge

The chal­len­ge for field ser­vice com­pa­nies is how to balance growth and costs? How to ser­ve more cus­to­mers whi­le kee­ping the team and process up to speed and main­tai­ning a healt­hy pro­fit mar­gin? The solu­tion is job mana­ge­ment automation!

With auto­ma­ted job mana­ge­ment, you can cut paperwork by 50%, eli­mi­na­te 75% of emails, reduce qua­li­ty issues by 75% - and hand­le 90% of ins­tal­la­tions wit­hout any pho­ne calls, as JetC­har­ge does after auto­ma­ting job mana­ge­ment with Emvisage.

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How to Automate Job Management for Solar Installations?

If the­re’s one thing we have lear­ned when auto­ma­ting job mana­ge­ment for our field ser­vice cus­to­mers, auto­ma­ting a sub-opti­mal process doesn’t bring you long-term efficiency gains. So, befo­re rus­hing into auto­ma­ting a job mana­ge­ment softwa­re, you should opti­mize your process to get the maxi­mum efficiency gains and squ­eeze eve­ry last dol­lar of pro­fit out of your service!

3-Step Process  

Here’s our field-pro­ven, 3-step approach for job mana­ge­ment auto­ma­tion that we always take up with our field ser­vice customers!

1. Optimize Your Solar Installation Process

The bene­fit of auto­ma­tion is that your team always fol­lows the same process, and case-by-case devia­tions and human coor­di­na­tion are mini­mized. Howe­ver, you don’t want your team to fol­low a sub-opti­mal process eve­ry time. So, befo­re rus­hing into tai­lo­ring and auto­ma­ting your job mana­ge­ment softwa­re, you should opti­mize your process to achie­ve maxi­mum long-term efficiency gains.

2. Tailor Job Management Software

After you have honed your process to per­fec­tion, it is time to tai­lor the job mana­ge­ment softwa­re accor­dingly. The stan­dard rea­dy-to-use job mana­ge­ment softwa­re pro­ducts pro­vi­de you with a gene­ric, pre-defi­ned process that doesn’t allow tai­lo­ring or auto­ma­tion. Howe­ver, Tai­lor-Made softwa­re, such as Emvi­sa­ge, allows full tai­lo­ring to per­fect­ly adapt to your process, not the other way around. 

3. Automate!

If you can auto­ma­te your field ser­vice process, your long-term wor­king efficiency inc­rea­ses sig­ni­ficant­ly, and you can cut down hass­le due to reduced paperwork, emails, and pho­ne calls. Your team fol­lows the same – stream­li­ned – process always, all jobs are comple­ted and docu­men­ted duly, and the site audits are pas­sed with flying colors. As a result, auto­ma­tion inc­rea­ses your ope­ra­ting pro­fits in the long run.

Emvisage - the Easiest Tailor-Made Job Management Software for Solar Installations

Most tai­lor-made job mana­ge­ment softwa­re requi­res hea­vy cus­to­miza­tion and exten­si­ve softwa­re deve­lop­ment. Deplo­y­ment can take months, it is cost­ly, and all futu­re modi­fica­tions requi­re a chan­ge request and more coding.

Emvi­sa­ge is a no-code Tai­lor-Made Job Mana­ge­ment softwa­re for field ser­vice com­pa­nies ope­ra­ting in complex sec­tors such as solar PV. Unli­ke the other tai­lor-made solu­tions, Emvi­sa­ge pro­vi­des a drag-drop process buil­der. Tai­lo­ring can be done quickly wit­hout softwa­re deve­lop­ment. It allows you a fast deployment.

You can tai­lor Emvi­sa­ge to adapt to your orga­niza­tion, not the other way around, and auto­ma­te your enti­re job mana­ge­ment. During onboar­ding, Emvi­sa­ge gives you best-prac­tice gui­de­li­nes and one-to-one sup­port for opti­mizing your process!

Are you rea­dy to auto­ma­te your field ser­vice busi­ness? Con­tact Emvi­sa­ge, and let’s start by opti­mizing your process!

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