High job volumes in your field business? Automate, delegate & use job management software

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In this article, we cover 3 ways to hand­le high job volu­mes in your field ser­vice business:

  1. Mana­ge high job volu­me through automation
  2. Uti­li­se your team’s skills in the best way 
  3. Prio­ri­tize, dele­ga­te & reward to avoid overw­hel­ming your team with high job volumes

As your field busi­ness grows, the volu­me and complexi­ty of your jobs will inc­rea­se as well. As a result, you need to inc­rea­se your work­force and hire more field tech­nicians. You’ll also need to give them more trai­ning to bet­ter equip them to per­form their work efficiently. 

On the back end, paperwork also inc­rea­ses, and that crea­tes a lot of stress on your admin team. Hig­her job volu­mes are good for your busi­ness, but as the owner, you must mana­ge it well for your busi­ness to grow. 

Manage high job volumes through automation

Auto­ma­ting repe­ti­ti­ve tasks helps your busi­ness free up time for your team and ensu­res bet­ter data quality. 

You can reduce human errors by set­ting up workflows and proces­ses. This will dras­tical­ly cut down paperwork but also makes it sig­ni­ficant­ly easier to find cri­tical infor­ma­tion, saving both time and inc­rea­sing efficiency. At the same time, you can be sure that all your data is rea­dy for any safe­ty audits.

Howe­ver, it is the sca­la­bi­li­ty of auto­ma­tion that brings the most bene­fits to your busi­ness. If done manual­ly, the workflow will get slower and bog­ged down as you grow, which reduces team mora­le and lowers efficiency. 

If you want to know more about how auto­ma­tion can help you com­bat overw­hel­ming, check out Emvi­sa­ge Field Ser­vice Softwa­re. We help field ser­vice busi­nes­ses hand­ling complex equip­ment ins­tal­la­tions with auto­ma­ting workflows.

Use your team’s skills in the best possible way 

Your tech­nician is the ulti­ma­te expert when it comes to ins­tal­ling solar panels and fix elect­rical circuit boards. Your admin team is high­ly skil­led when it comes to hand­ling cus­to­mer inqui­ries, assig­ning and dele­ga­ting jobs to tech­nicians, which keeps your who­le orga­niza­tion run­ning smoothly. 

It’s impor­tant to be awa­re of the dif­fe­rent skill­sets and assig­ned tasks that fit wit­hin your team’s capa­bi­li­ties. To impro­ve efficiency, you want your tech­nicians and admin staff to spend their time on the core, value-adding tasks. 

Using field ser­vice softwa­re will allow tech­nicians to spend less time and effort hau­ling around paperwork, giving them more time to focus on phy­sical work and comple­te more jobs during their wor­king hours. 

Simi­lar­ly, job mana­ge­ment softwa­re allows your admin team to spend less time con­so­li­da­ting and sor­ting paperwork, allowing them to fol­low up with cus­to­mers, giving their full atten­tion towards enabling growth wit­hin your business. 

Prioritize, delegate & give rewards as job volumes increase

As your job volu­me inc­rea­ses, your per­so­nal duties wit­hin the com­pa­ny should shift too. Ins­tead of mic­ro­ma­na­ging your team, you should look at prio­ri­tizing how you can pro­vi­de more value, like impro­ving workflows and processes.

Anot­her par­ticu­lar­ly impor­tant role in the mana­ge­ment of your com­pa­ny cul­tu­re, which affects eve­ry­one that is invol­ved in your orga­niza­tion, from your staff mem­bers to your suppliers and your cus­to­mers. As you grow, you need to let your com­pa­ny values gui­de all your deci­sions and hire good people that will embrace the cul­tu­re and enrich it. 

Reward your emplo­yees, whet­her in the form of compli­ments or mone­ta­ry bonuses, in order to keep mora­le high which inc­rea­ses efficiency and emplo­yee con­tent wit­hin your company. 

A stu­dy on pro­duc­ti­vi­ty by con­sul­tancy firm Neil Patel showed hap­pi­ness makes wor­kers 12% more pro­duc­ti­ve. Simi­lar­ly, workplaces have moved towards impro­ving wor­king faci­li­ties, by inclu­ding rest areas, com­mu­nal dining area, etc. 

How tailor-made job management software can help you manage high job volumes with ease

At Emvi­sa­ge, we belie­ve that using tai­lor-made field softwa­re can help you and your busi­ness sol­ve the­se problems. Field Workflow Softwa­re can sig­ni­ficant­ly inc­rea­se your busi­ness’ efficiency and con­ti­nue to sup­port your workflows as you sca­le larger. 

Our met­ho­dical X-Smart forms and repor­ting engi­ne will ser­ve as a single source of truth for your enti­re busi­ness. The input of data by your field tech­nicians is col­lec­ted and con­so­li­da­ted into an onli­ne repor­ting sys­tem for your back office con­ve­nience. When cus­to­mers are added to the sys­tem, your tech­nicians are auto­ma­tical­ly noti­fied, thus inc­rea­sing efficiency in your business. 

Let us show you how Emvi­sa­ge can help your unique busi­ness with inc­rea­sing job volu­mes:

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