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High job volumes in your field business? Automate, delegate & use job management software

In this article, we cover 3 ways to handle high job volumes in your field service business:

  1. Manage high job volume through automation
  2. Utilise your team’s skills in the best way 
  3. Prioritize, delegate & reward to avoid overwhelming your team with high job volumes

As your field business grows, the volume and complexity of your jobs will increase as well. As a result, you need to increase your workforce and hire more field technicians. You’ll also need to give them more training to better equip them to perform their work efficiently. 

On the back end, paperwork also increases, and that creates a lot of stress on your admin team. Higher job volumes are good for your business, but as the owner, you must manage it well for your business to grow. 

Manage high job volumes through automation

Automating repetitive tasks helps your business free up time for your team and ensures better data quality. 

You can reduce human errors by setting up workflows and processes. This will drastically cut down paperwork but also makes it significantly easier to find critical information, saving both time and increasing efficiency. At the same time, you can be sure that all your data is ready for any safety audits.

However, it is the scalability of automation that brings the most benefits to your business. If done manually, the workflow will get slower and bogged down as you grow, which reduces team morale and lowers efficiency. 

If you want to know more about how automation can help you combat overwhelming, check out Emvisage Field Service Software. We help field service businesses handling complex equipment installations with automating workflows.

Use your team’s skills in the best possible way 

Your technician is the ultimate expert when it comes to installing solar panels and fix electrical circuit boards. Your admin team is highly skilled when it comes to handling customer inquiries, assigning and delegating jobs to technicians, which keeps your whole organization running smoothly. 

It’s important to be aware of the different skillsets and assigned tasks that fit within your team’s capabilities. To improve efficiency, you want your technicians and admin staff to spend their time on the core, value-adding tasks. 

Using field service software will allow technicians to spend less time and effort hauling around paperwork, giving them more time to focus on physical work and complete more jobs during their working hours. 

Similarly, job management software allows your admin team to spend less time consolidating and sorting paperwork, allowing them to follow up with customers, giving their full attention towards enabling growth within your business. 

Prioritize, delegate & give rewards as job volumes increase

As your job volume increases, your personal duties within the company should shift too. Instead of micromanaging your team, you should look at prioritizing how you can provide more value, like improving workflows and processes.

Another particularly important role in the management of your company culture, which affects everyone that is involved in your organization, from your staff members to your suppliers and your customers. As you grow, you need to let your company values guide all your decisions and hire good people that will embrace the culture and enrich it. 

Reward your employees, whether in the form of compliments or monetary bonuses, in order to keep morale high which increases efficiency and employee content within your company. 

study on productivity by consultancy firm Neil Patel showed happiness makes workers 12% more productive. Similarly, workplaces have moved towards improving working facilities, by including rest areas, communal dining area, etc. 

How tailor-made job management software can help you manage high job volumes with ease

At Emvisage, we believe that using tailor-made field software can help you and your business solve these problems. Field Workflow Software can significantly increase your business’ efficiency and continue to support your workflows as you scale larger. 

Our methodical X-Smart forms and reporting engine will serve as a single source of truth for your entire business. The input of data by your field technicians is collected and consolidated into an online reporting system for your back office convenience. When customers are added to the system, your technicians are automatically notified, thus increasing efficiency in your business. 

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