First Financial - Improved workflows and performance reporting

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“We have seen sig­ni­ficant time savings as Emvi­sa­ge can pull up any report we like, quickly and accu­ra­te­ly wit­hout nee­ding to manual­ly gat­her the data.”

How did they start?

First Financial set out to impro­ve pro­duc­ti­vi­ty with their workflow and per­for­mance repor­ting. Mana­ging through a mix of spreads­heets, emails and docu­ments, it was labour inten­si­ve to pull toget­her the con­so­li­da­ted view. The key infor­ma­tion nee­ded was spread through the dif­fe­rent teams and infor­ma­tion sources. Spreads­heets were slowing the end to end flow, from advi­sors to ope­ra­tions and the finance team. To dri­ve growth, the busi­ness also nee­ded clear, real-time visi­bi­li­ty of per­for­mance across teams, pro­ducts and refer­ral channels.

How Emvisage empowered them

#1 Reports pro­vi­de real-time, clear visi­bi­li­ty of per­for­mance for the ove­rall busi­ness, teams, advi­sors, chan­nels, pro­ducts and more.

#2 Repor­ting effort reduced across both advisor/team per­for­mance and financial reconciliation.

#3 With a clear unders­tan­ding of refer­ral volu­mes and per­for­mance, First Financial was able to focus effort at the most pro­duc­ti­ve chan­nels and products.

First Financial’s results

#1 Plat­form flexi­bi­li­ty to fit exact­ly to First Financials’ job workflow, refer­ral flow and per­for­mance reporting.

#2 Por­tal for refer­rers to quickly log jobs with auto­ma­ted noti­fica­tions to the rele­vant team or advisor.

#3 Cross-team refer­ral and workflow automation.

#4 ‘1 click’, auto­ma­ted reports made it easy so execu­ti­ves, team leads and advi­sors always have a clear, up to date picture.

#5 Embed­ded process and compliance wit­hin the sys­tem making it easier for people to do the right things.

With the click of a but­ton, I can imme­dia­te­ly see the actual new busi­ness won for each team and each team mem­ber. It has beco­me the source of truth.

Chris Whi­te - Mana­ging Director

For organisations with highly complex field workflow