Emvisage Explained – Customisation in Job Management Software

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Eve­ry field ser­vice busi­ness is dif­fe­rent. You know that your busi­ness is unique. As your team and job volu­mes grow, an off-the-shelf pro­duct isn’t going to cut it any­mo­re. It might actual­ly slow down your progress. The­re is a point whe­re all the dif­fe­rent tools, spreads­heets, and emails hold your busi­ness back. It’s a handbra­ke on your flow and growth. Don’t let that hap­pen to your busi­ness and switch to a tool that is cus­to­mized to your speci­fic needs.

If your work and workflow are complica­ted, Emvi­sa­ge Field Workflow Software’s power­ful cus­to­miza­tion capa­bi­li­ties will trans­form the way you and your teamwork.

Job Management Software Emvisage
X-Smart forms in Emvi­sa­ge Job Mana­ge­ment Software

1. X-Smart forms

X-Smart forms are high­ly cus­to­mizable forms that can be set up speci­fical­ly to your needs, and pre­fe­rences. One example here is that you can add and chan­ge any field you want using your company’s unique jar­gon. Your team doesn’t have to chan­ge the way they work, Emvi­sa­ge simply makes col­la­bo­ra­tion easier.

2. Easy transition

Cus­to­miza­tion also means we can per­fect­ly fit your exis­ting forms into Emvi­sa­ge, making it easier to train your team and ensu­re a smooth transition. 

3. Tailor-made reports

Anot­her major bene­fit is tai­lor-made reports that only show what is impor­tant in your busi­ness. You’ll always see what you need to see, wit­hout having to go through dozens of docu­ments in dif­fe­rent files. Emvi­sa­ge stream­li­nes the process of rea­ding reports so that there’s no time was­ted loo­king or set­ting up your reports.

4. Customised documents & exports

It’s also pos­sible to cus­to­mize exports, so you can auto­ma­tical­ly gene­ra­te docu­ments to assist your busi­ness. This saves you and your team time and effort, as well as reducing pos­sible mis­ta­kes from manual­ly wri­ting up the docu­ments. Tho­se reports ran­ge from sum­ma­ry reports to use in mee­tings, to docu­men­ta­tion for clients and safe­ty papers when an audit is around the cor­ner. It only takes a few seconds to gene­ra­te such a report - a mas­si­ve time saver com­pa­red to the hours to make somet­hing com­pa­rable manually.

Job Management Software Emvisage Customisation
Cus­to­mi­sa­tion & Auto­ma­tion of docu­ments & reports

The results of our cus­to­mers like AGL and Tes­la, as well as a ran­ge of smal­ler and mid-sized com­pa­nies, speak volu­mes: 30-40% of back-office costs savings, 75% fewer emails, and reduced time spent on field paperwork by up to 50%. 

It’s time to bene­fit from the power of cus­to­mi­sa­tion in job mana­ge­ment! Request a per­so­na­li­sed demo today and we’ll show you how!

For organisations with highly complex field workflow