Emvisage Explained - Automated Work Orders, Emails, Reports & More

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Be honest, have you ever thought somet­hing along tho­se lines:

“Get me out of the office! I want less time in the office and more time on site, more time doing site & safe­ty audits!” 

As a field ser­vice busi­ness owner, you pro­bably star­ted your busi­ness because you were pas­sio­na­te about your work. You wan­ted to crea­te somet­hing on your own and deli­ver value to people that need your ser­vices. You defi­ni­te­ly didn’t want to be stuck in an office, and drow­ning in paperwork due to hea­vy regu­la­tions regar­ding audit trials or an inc­rea­sed amount of other docu­men­ta­tion needs. You shouldn’t be! 

If you want to set your busi­ness up for growth, there’s only one solu­tion: Automation!

In this article, we give you a quick over­view of the most impor­tant auto­ma­tion fea­tu­res in Emvi­sa­ge Field Ser­vice Softwa­re. Our cus­to­mers typical­ly save around 30-40% of their back-office costs, cut emails by 75% and reduce time spent on field paperwork by up to 50% with our no-code job mana­ge­ment softwa­re. Check out our onli­ne calcu­la­tor whe­re you can plug your num­bers into and get an idea of your poten­tial savings. 

Emvisage’s Automation Features in a nutshell:

Automated Dashboard/Reports - Check the progress of every job

Automated Worklist - No need for endless calls & messaging

Automated Forms - Only show what is relevant for the installer

Automated Reports - A game-changer for your entire team

Automated History Tracking - Digital trails at your fingertips

Automated Work Order - Get a clear & visible job trail

Automated Email - Your back-office staff will love this

Automated Sorted Document - Compliance checks made easy

Automated Dashboard/Reports

The dash­board and the reports auto­ma­tical­ly upda­te so that the­re is always an up to date sum­ma­ry of all the pro­jects you’­ve got going on. It even groups the data into various cate­go­ries to pro­vi­de you sum­ma­ries, or break­downs whe­ne­ver you need them.

This makes it a seam­less process to check the progress of various jobs, or see what teams or regions might be fal­ling behind in terms of pro­duc­ti­vi­ty and delivery.

Automated Worklist

The worklist is auto­ma­tical­ly upda­ted to pro­vi­de the latest infor­ma­tion on an indi­vi­dua­li­sed worklist. This list con­tains all the jobs/tasks that have been assig­ned to an indi­vi­dual user’s account, making it easy to see what they need to do, and what’s coming up soon.

The bene­fit? The­re’s no need for back-and-forth cal­ling and mes­sa­ging. Your field tech­nicians simply can check their worklist with their mobi­le and they know what’s expec­ted of them. 

Automated Forms

All the forms used in Emvi­sa­ge can be made dyna­mic, mea­ning that the forms are chan­ging as the res­pon­ses are ente­red. In prac­tice, this means that the form only shows what ins­tal­lers need to fill out. No need to was­te time loo­king for the next item to fill in – eve­ryt­hing they see is rele­vant to them. It is also pos­sible to have auto-calcu­la­ted items based on your data ente­red in the form.

Automated Reports

We unders­tand that put­ting docu­ments and reports toget­her and kee­ping them up to date is a big time and pro­duc­ti­vi­ty kil­ler. A bet­ter way of doing this is … you gues­sed it, automation!

In Emvi­sa­ge, you can auto­ge­ne­ra­te docu­ments such as a repor­ting sum­ma­ry and sta­tus reports of cer­tain pro­jects. This gives you a snaps­hot of the repor­ting and pro­ject at a par­ticu­lar time.

You can also auto­ge­ne­ra­te other docu­ments, such as pro­duct manuals, with all the nee­ded pro­duct details e.g. serial num­bers, auto-fil­led into the document.

Auto­ma­ting your reports will be a game-chan­ger for your enti­re team!

Automated History Tracking

Emvi­sa­ge auto­ma­tical­ly tracks and logs major chan­ges to the job. Recor­ding chan­ges auto­ma­tical­ly means that you’­ve always got a digi­tal trail at your fin­ger­tips. This is your ulti­ma­te tool when it comes to audits or when accoun­ta­bi­li­ty issues amongst your field tech­nicians arise. 

Automated Work Orders

When you move a job to the next sta­ge, the softwa­re auto­ma­tical­ly sends an email to the team res­pon­sible to take over the job. Basical­ly it’s a comple­te­ly auto­ma­ted han­doff process. It also makes it’s crys­tal clear who is res­pon­sible for the pro­ject now. This clear and visible job trail comes in han­dy when the­re are complica­tions or accoun­ta­bi­li­ty issues. 

Automated Emails

This is one of the most loved and prai­sed fea­tu­res of our customers. 

Ins­tead of having your back office staff wri­te manual emails to your clients (e.g. about ins­tal­la­tion times, work sche­du­les etc.), you can use Emvi­sa­ge to send tho­se emails and SMSes automatically.

Now this is a real time- and work-saver! 

Automatically Sorted Documents

This will be a real game-chan­ger for your back office staff and defi­ni­te­ly impro­ve their hap­pi­ness at work: 

Emvi­sa­ge aauto­ma­tical­ly tags, and sorts all docu­ments that are attac­hed to the job, making it much easier to find the docu­ments you need to finish the job. 

Doing the neces­sa­ry compliance checks has never been easier!

If you’re loo­king for softwa­re to help you auto­ma­te dull or time-con­su­ming tasks in your field ser­vice busi­ness, let us help you with that!

We help field ser­vice busi­ness with high­ly complex workflows to auto­ma­te and stream­li­ne their proces­ses. Just drop us a mes­sa­ge at info@emvisage.com. Let’s auto­ma­te your workflows together!

For organisations with highly complex field workflow