Field Service Guide: How to choose the right software for your business

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If you run a field ser­vice busi­ness, and you’re tired of the paperwork and inef­ficient work proces­ses, buckle up: in this gui­de we’ll show you step by step how to choo­se the right field softwa­re for your unique business. 

You’ve lan­ded on this page, which makes us belie­ve that one of the­se sce­na­rios might be true for you:

May­be you’re using a com­bi­na­tion of tools, such as calen­dars, Excel sheets, email, sche­du­ling softwa­re and so on. Need­less to say, this way of wor­king is exhaus­ting to you and your team and pro­ne to mis­ta­kes and infor­ma­tion gaps. You need a bet­ter way to get things done.

It might be that you’re alrea­dy using a field ser­vice solu­tion; howe­ver, it doesn’t qui­te satis­fy your busi­ness’ needs and requirements.

Or you’re on the ver­ge of buying a field solu­tion and you’ve alrea­dy been searc­hing the inter­net and only to find softwa­re that is 
a) too complica­ted 
b) too expen­si­ve 
c) made for lar­ge cor­po­ra­tions or
d) all of the above.

Fin­ding the right field ser­vice softwa­re for your field ser­vice busi­ness is time-inten­si­ve, overw­hel­ming, and at times very frustra­ting. There’s no shor­ta­ge of field ser­vice softwa­re out the­re, so you’re left with end­less pos­si­bi­li­ties, options and tools to choo­se from.

We wro­te this gui­de to help you navi­ga­te in the see­mingly end­less ocean of softwa­re options so you can make a smart deci­sion and find the right solu­tion for your unique field ser­vice business.

How is this guide organised?

In 7 easy steps, you’ll disco­ver what fea­tu­res and bene­fits you and your team need to work your very best, how to prio­ri­ti­se the­se fea­tu­res, and how to nail it down and final­ly pick the right software. 

This gui­de even inclu­des simple and jar­gon-free desc­rip­tions of fea­tu­res and an over­view of 10 softwa­re pro­vi­ders that are specia­li­sed in hel­ping field ser­vices busi­nes­ses with less than 100 employees.

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