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Automation powers a leading Customer Experience

Summary & context

Our software is known for its ability to automate complex workflow – it’s what we do day in, day out. At Emvisage the whole team, myself included, have always been so focused on efficiency, saving people time and productivity. But it wasn’t until recently that I have come to understand the link between automation and the Customer Experience. We are fortunate at Emvisage to work with companies what are among the global leaders in deliver an outstanding Customer Experience. Over the last 12-18months, I have seen that the more organisations automate, the happier customers are. Because the work moves faster. Also, these customers are more than happy to get involved to make it happen.

This post will run through an example where, a time heavy part of the workflow was transformed form taking more than a week to just hours. A 24x improvement in terms of speed. This was off the charts, but speed was just one aspect. The automation eliminated administrative work that was consuming hours of valuable operations time each day. It carved out more bandwidth in Operations, and since then, the team have been able to get through 32% more jobs than they did in the two months prior. Sounds pretty amazing right? It definitely is – let’s take a look.

Customers involved – a better experience all-round

In order to categorise and quote a job this organisation requires specific site information. It’s semi complex installation work, over time they had assembled a series of questions and site photos needed to quote jobs. The challenge was the time it took to get the answers to these key questions and obtain the necessary photos. It may sound simple, and when job volumes were low, using emails, forms, and phone calls wasn’t too burdensome. But as job volumes grew, the time needed to complete this process and get a quote out the door also grew. Sending emails, Dropbox links, coordinating conversations to confirm site details, and following up when customers didn’t send back the required information all took time. For customers, the experience was inconsistent, the timing wasn’t always convenient (office hours), and above all, these customers wanted this task done quickly with minimal interactions. 

Using the ‘Customer Portal,’ this organization was able to guide customers through the key steps, utilising the embedded intelligence in Emvisage to provide the right context. Reminder prompts, example photos, and descriptive guides helped customers quickly provide exactly what was needed.

The Operations team didn’t need to lift a finger, as journeys set up in Emvisage automatically sent SMS and Email notifications with the initial ‘Customer Portal’ link to customers. Then, a sequence of SMS reminder messages would be sent to the customer if the information was still pending. Once a customer had completed the job information, it was automatically shifted through the Emvisage workflow and dropped into the appropriate person’s queue for quoting.

‘It’s the second week of May and I have already logged close to 50 jobs. Last month I did that many in the whole month!’

This organisation also automated their quotes with Emvisage. Again, leveraging the ‘Customer Portal’ so customers could easily accept quotes with a single click, and then automate the downstream workflow with Emvisage. But let’s save that for a future post.

Better work, faster work, happier customers

Within minutes of these updates going live, customers started firing through jobs, and after two months, they keep rolling through like clockwork. Both customers and Operations couldn’t be happier – it’s not every day you knock a time sapping part of the process down by 96%.

‘It helps me to be organised. I can now turn a job around in minutes rather than days…it makes a huge difference when you can do minutes instead of days. So much of it is automated. As long as I have enough information, I can have a job quoted, install booked - all within a couple of hours. That is gold. It makes my job that much simpler’

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