Automation powers a leading Customer Experience

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Summary & context

Our softwa­re is known for its abi­li­ty to auto­ma­te complex workflow – it’s what we do day in, day out. At Emvi­sa­ge the who­le team, myself inclu­ded, have always been so focused on efficiency, saving people time and pro­duc­ti­vi­ty. But it wasn’t until recent­ly that I have come to unders­tand the link between auto­ma­tion and the Cus­to­mer Expe­rience. We are for­tu­na­te at Emvi­sa­ge to work with com­pa­nies what are among the glo­bal lea­ders in deli­ver an outs­tan­ding Cus­to­mer Expe­rience. Over the last 12-18months, I have seen that the more orga­ni­sa­tions auto­ma­te, the hap­pier cus­to­mers are. Because the work moves fas­ter. Also, the­se cus­to­mers are more than hap­py to get invol­ved to make it happen.

This post will run through an example whe­re, a time hea­vy part of the workflow was trans­for­med form taking more than a week to just hours. A 24x impro­ve­ment in terms of speed. This was off the charts, but speed was just one aspect. The auto­ma­tion eli­mi­na­ted admi­ni­stra­ti­ve work that was con­su­ming hours of valuable ope­ra­tions time each day. It car­ved out more bandwidth in Ope­ra­tions, and since then, the team have been able to get through 32% more jobs than they did in the two months prior. Sounds pret­ty amazing right? It defi­ni­te­ly is – let’s take a look.

Customers involved – a better experience all-round

In order to cate­go­ri­se and quo­te a job this orga­ni­sa­tion requi­res speci­fic site infor­ma­tion. It’s semi complex ins­tal­la­tion work, over time they had assembled a series of ques­tions and site pho­tos nee­ded to quo­te jobs. The chal­len­ge was the time it took to get the answers to the­se key ques­tions and obtain the neces­sa­ry pho­tos. It may sound simple, and when job volu­mes were low, using emails, forms, and pho­ne calls wasn’t too bur­den­so­me. But as job volu­mes grew, the time nee­ded to comple­te this process and get a quo­te out the door also grew. Sen­ding emails, Drop­box links, coor­di­na­ting con­ver­sa­tions to con­firm site details, and fol­lowing up when cus­to­mers didn’t send back the requi­red infor­ma­tion all took time. For cus­to­mers, the expe­rience was incon­sis­tent, the timing wasn’t always con­ve­nient (office hours), and abo­ve all, the­se cus­to­mers wan­ted this task done quickly with mini­mal interactions. 

Using the ‘Cus­to­mer Por­tal,’ this orga­niza­tion was able to gui­de cus­to­mers through the key steps, uti­li­sing the embed­ded intel­li­gence in Emvi­sa­ge to pro­vi­de the right con­text. Remin­der prompts, example pho­tos, and desc­rip­ti­ve gui­des hel­ped cus­to­mers quickly pro­vi­de exact­ly what was needed.

The Ope­ra­tions team didn’t need to lift a fin­ger, as jour­neys set up in Emvi­sa­ge auto­ma­tical­ly sent SMS and Email noti­fica­tions with the ini­tial ‘Cus­to­mer Por­tal’ link to cus­to­mers. Then, a sequence of SMS remin­der mes­sa­ges would be sent to the cus­to­mer if the infor­ma­tion was still pen­ding. Once a cus­to­mer had comple­ted the job infor­ma­tion, it was auto­ma­tical­ly shif­ted through the Emvi­sa­ge workflow and drop­ped into the appropria­te person’s queue for quoting.

‘It’s the second week of May and I have alrea­dy log­ged clo­se to 50 jobs. Last month I did that many in the who­le month!’

This orga­ni­sa­tion also auto­ma­ted their quo­tes with Emvi­sa­ge. Again, leve­ra­ging the ‘Cus­to­mer Por­tal’ so cus­to­mers could easi­ly accept quo­tes with a single click, and then auto­ma­te the down­stream workflow with Emvi­sa­ge. But let’s save that for a futu­re post.

Better work, faster work, happier customers

Wit­hin minu­tes of the­se upda­tes going live, cus­to­mers star­ted firing through jobs, and after two months, they keep rol­ling through like clockwork. Both cus­to­mers and Ope­ra­tions couldn’t be hap­pier – it’s not eve­ry day you knock a time sap­ping part of the process down by 96%.

‘It helps me to be orga­ni­sed. I can now turn a job around in minu­tes rat­her than days…it makes a huge dif­fe­rence when you can do minu­tes ins­tead of days. So much of it is auto­ma­ted. As long as I have enough infor­ma­tion, I can have a job quo­ted, ins­tall boo­ked - all wit­hin a couple of hours. That is gold. It makes my job that much simpler’

Are you rea­dy to auto­ma­te your workflows and superc­har­ge your cus­to­mer expe­rience?  Book a quick demo

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