AGL - Efficiency from field service to operations

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A 33% reduc­tion in QA time, 75% reduc­tion in emails and a 421% ROI. Emvi­sa­ge pro­vi­des single source of truth that was clear for eve­ry­one in the workflow.

How did they start?

With high volu­mes and coor­di­na­tion across field staff, back office, logis­tics, and sales, the ope­ra­tions team were searc­hing for a way to dri­ve efficiency and stream­li­ne com­mu­nica­tion. The team faced chal­len­ges with manual PDF forms, long email chains, and time-con­su­ming rework and qua­li­ty issues. Great cus­to­mer expe­rience and deli­ve­ry at speed were essen­tial for success.

How Emvisage empowered them 

#1 Digi­ti­sing forms impro­ved data qua­li­ty, reduced time on site and rework, and eli­mi­na­ted wait times. Data from the field was imme­dia­te­ly lin­ked to the ope­ra­tions team

#2 Auto­ma­tion remo­ved manual work to comple­te work orders, crea­te ins­tal­la­tion reports, and han­do­ver wait times disappeared

#3 The sys­tem beca­me the single source of truth – reducing requests, fol­low up emails between teams and cut­ting the need to sync across teams

AGL’s results

#1 Pro­duc­ti­vi­ty gains were achie­ved at each sta­ge of the workflow, with all teams invol­ved – com­poun­ding the efficiency gains to an ini­tial 420% ROI

#2 Auto­ma­tion in areas like work orders and cus­to­mer manuals deli­ve­red savings of 1.3 FTE

#4 Clear visi­bi­li­ty for all par­ties and auto­ma­tion in the workflow cut out the low-value emails

#5 Simpli­fied forms with embed­ded smarts lif­ted the qua­li­ty of data cap­tu­red in the field. This led to less review time and fas­ter delivery.

Eve­ry­one has men­tio­ned the in built smarts in the forms – this is saving us time on site. Each job is ‘tai­lor made’ to just what they need to do. It’s clear, it’s faster.

Baa­sit Naqshbandi

Field Workflow Software for businesses handling complex field work