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AGL - Efficiency from field service to operations

A 33% reduction in QA time, 75% reduction in emails and a 421% ROI. Emvisage provides single source of truth that was clear for everyone in the workflow.

How did they start?

With high volumes and coordination across field staff, back office, logistics, and sales, the operations team were searching for a way to drive efficiency and streamline communication. The team faced challenges with manual PDF forms, long email chains, and time-consuming rework and quality issues. Great customer experience and delivery at speed were essential for success.

How Emvisage empowered them 

#1 Digitising forms improved data quality, reduced time on site and rework, and eliminated wait times. Data from the field was immediately linked to the operations team

#2 Automation removed manual work to complete work orders, create installation reports, and handover wait times disappeared

#3 The system became the single source of truth – reducing requests, follow up emails between teams and cutting the need to sync across teams

AGL’s results

#1 Productivity gains were achieved at each stage of the workflow, with all teams involved – compounding the efficiency gains to an initial 420% ROI

#2 Automation in areas like work orders and customer manuals delivered savings of 1.3 FTE

#4 Clear visibility for all parties and automation in the workflow cut out the low-value emails

#5 Simplified forms with embedded smarts lifted the quality of data captured in the field. This led to less review time and faster delivery.

Everyone has mentioned the in built smarts in the forms – this is saving us time on site. Each job is ‘tailor made’ to just what they need to do. It’s clear, it’s faster. - Baasit Naqshbandi

For organisations with highly complex field workflow

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